The Way of the Artist – art session

Original title in German: Der Weg des Künstlers

  • Art session: painting, literature and music

„The Way Of The Artist” is a performance of a paintress, an author and a musician in the process: to paint 5 pictures, to tell 15 short stories, to create music and to spread art among people.   The subjects – that also constitute the career of an artist and that broach the issue by image, word and sound, as well as communication – are questions with that every producer (that means: every person, who produces something) is confronted with: time, money, motive, acceptance and self-awareness.

Atelier Sabina Smiljanic in Vienna, September 21st, 2007
Ana Bilić – Literatur
Sabina Smiljanic – Malerei
Danilo Wimmer – Musik