The Small Piece of the Big Sky – Novel

Ana Bilic: Das kleine Stück vom großen Himmel - 2. Ausgabe, Edition Ovidia
2nd Edition

Original title in German: Das kleine Stück vom großen Himmel

1st edition Hoffmann und Campe Verlag, Hamburg 2002 – 2nd edition Ovidia/Vienna, 2021

Pages: 171

Cover text
„We used to lie on the meadows and see the sky and the passing clouds…we let our thoughts travel, just like the clouds…” A woman from Croatia comes to Vienna to learn to speak German. She falls in love with her teacher. They tell each other stories, dreamy fairy tales, by which they try to fell out their inner selves. They walk through Prater, to the Danube canal, through Naschmarkt, to get closer to themselves and life… Ana Bilić’s German-language debut is a life story with an own melody that does not deny its roots in the outland, what consequently gives an unusual clarity to the German language.

Reading Sample in English Foreign Rights at the Hoffmann und Campe Verlag, Hamburg

Scientific Works: Lovrić G., Lovrić M.: Language impairment as a literary expression A.Bilic „Das kleine Stück vom großen Himmel“, The Journal of Languages for Specific Purposes (JLSP) – 2nd Issue – March 2015