The Life with the Voles – Short Surreal Stories

Original title in Croatian: Život s voluharicama

1st edition Konzor/Zagreb, 1999 – 2nd edition gaar/Vienna, 2019

Pages: 244

2nd edition

One hundred short-stories in Croatian language about the surreal world of voles and other phantasmagoric beings that create an odd but fabulous and utopist world.  By means of the mainly used type of dialogue the author shows a densely linked structure of a lot of creatures and their relationships – familiar, loving, business – what tests, in an allegoric, funny and often ironic way, our contemporary, urban life, as well as human fates and mistakes. It has been written in a minimalist precise way, almost with sketch-like scenes, with a dynamic change of events.

The first edition of the work was published in 1999 by Konzor Publishing House, Zagreb – the second edition appeared exactly 20 years later.

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