The Choice – a Short Play

Original title in German: Die Wahl

A dancer wants to dedicate himself unconditionally to his preference: dancing. He wants to live only in dance and for dancing, freed from the constraints of life and its circumstances. Also from the fact that his girlfriend became pregnant and that he is expected to take care of the child.

Premiered as a dramatic episode at collage „World Champions – Rise and Fall“ (Weltmeister – Aufstieg und Fall) Konradhaus Koblenz, May 20th 2006

Writer: Ana Bilić
Collage/Director: Oliver Munk
Project: Ingrid Sehorsch
Actors: Gabriele Schmitz-Englitz, Stefan M.H. Weiß

Ana Bilić - Autorin, Filmemacherin, Theaterautorin, Linguistin / Ana Bilić - Author, Filmmaker, Playwright, Linguist