The Book about Takas – Fairy Tales for Adults

Original title in Croatian: Knjiga o Takama – bajke za odrasle

1st edition Konzor/Zagreb, 1999 – 2nd edition gaar/Vienna, 2019

2nd edition

Pages: 252

Takas are gods of voles – voles are beings of the allegorical world from the book „The Life with the Voles“. These two books – „The Book about Takas“ and „The Life with the Voles“ – form a kind of literary two-piece set.

„The Book about Takas“ is a collection of stories about the allegorical world of Takas and describes the lives of its inhabitants through their archetypal conflicts. The book tells about the fates of the individual Takas, about the emergence of the countries and cities, about legends and mythology of Takas, about their faith, about heroes from the past, about dreams and parallel worlds. In their fates the archetypal, eternal – thus also modern, contemporary – conflicts within the family and society are clearly visible. The individual who is thrown into the world with a specific purpose is in search of answers to the constant existential questions and experiences both extreme brutality and extraordinary tenderness on his individual path.

The first edition of the work was published in 1999 by Konzor Publishing House, Zagreb – the second edition appeared exactly 20 years later.

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