Šemso – a Monodrama for 2 Persons

Original title: Šemso – monodrama za 2 osobe

The setting of the play is a simple room in a European metropolis. Šemso has been denounced to the police by his neighbors because of illegal residence in this country and given the choice to either show his work permit to the police, or to go back to Bosnia. But, because of a displeasing incident that has been the reason for his flight, Šemso, a village idiot from a nameless village in Bosnia, cannot go back there. On the other hand, he also does not have a work permit. In this difficult situation, his alter ego, his doppelganger, appears. It comes to negotiations, finessing, and demonstrations of power, to a confusion of roles and to a fight. Thereby all happenings that both Šemso and his doppelganger wanted to keep secret, are revealed.

Premiere: 19. October 2013 at Galerie Heinrich, Vienna
Playwright & director: Ana Bilić
Music composer: Danilo Wimmer
Actors: Darko Markov, Dražen Tešanović