Radio Plays

A Bedroom Situation – a Short Radio Play (German)

Original title: Eine Situation des Schlafzimmers

Director & writer: Ana Bilić
Sound engineer: Danilo Wimmer
Actors: Benjamin Tureček, Julia Jellen
Length: 4:02 minutes
Production 2019

Two lovers in bed at night: the woman is asleep, the man is awake. And he seems to enjoy the woman awake by telling her a scary story. But the wohle situation takes a surprising turn for the both. – A situation from the stage play „Infidelity – a Play in 18 Situations“.


About K: a Declaration of Love – a Short Radio Play (German)

Original title: Von K – Eine Liebeserklärung

Director & writer: Ana Bilić
Assistant director: Danilo Wimmer
Sound engineers: Esther Merz, Stefan Wetzel
Music composer: Natalia Villanueva
Actors: Cecilia Hafiz, Christian Rois
Length: 6:58 minutes
Production 2011

A young woman tells why she fell in love with the sound of “K”: her relationship with it served as a place of refuge in her childhood, out of which she has created a personal inner world and where she has felt out her identity.  

The Acquaintance – a Short Radio Play (German)

Original title: Die Bekanntschaft

Director & writer: Ana Bilić
Sound engineers: Winfried Lachenmayr, Florian Mayerhoffer
Music composer: Danilo Wimmer
Actors: Benjamin Kornfeld, Louise Knof, Eva Bauriedl
Length: 5:57 minutes
Production 2011

A young, ambitious businessman spends all his time in his company and struggles to get bigger construction contracts. Since he always has a race against time, it – the Time – appears personally in front of him. The Time is a fancy, self-confident lady, who offers him to make his life easier.  

My Man – a Short Radio Play (English)

Director & writer: Ana Bilić
Music composer and sound engineer: Danilo Wimmer
Actors: Ana Bilić, Danilo Wimmer
Length: 4:50 minutes
Production 2011, BAD ENGLISH COMPANY

Through an inner and an actual dialogue of a supposedly determined woman and a supposedly insecure man, all their intimate fears come out.