Radio Play

A Bedroom Situation – short radio play in German

Original title: Eine Situation des Schlafzimmers

Director & writer: Ana Bilić
Sound engineer: Danilo Wimmer
Actors: Benjamin Tureček, Julia Jellen
Length: 4:02 minutes
Production 2019

The 9th Situation from the stage play „Seitensprung – ein Schauspiel in 18 Situationen“ (Infidelity), premiered at the Pygmalion Theater on November 15, 2019.


About K – a Declaration of Love – short radio play in German

Original title: Von K – Eine Liebeserklärung

Director & writer: Ana Bilić
Assistant director: Danilo Wimmer
Sound engineers: Esther Merz, Stefan Wetzel
Music composer: Natalia Villanueva
Actors: Cecilia Hafiz, Christian Rois
Length: 6:58 minutes
Production 2011

A young woman tells why she fell in love with the sound of “K”: her relationship with it served as a place of refuge in her childhood, out of which she has created a personal inner world and where she has felt out her identity.  

The Acquaintance – short radio play in German

Original title: Die Bekanntschaft

Director & writer: Ana Bilić
Sound engineers: Winfried Lachenmayr, Florian Mayerhoffer
Music composer: Danilo Wimmer
Actors: Benjamin Kornfeld, Louise Knof, Eva Bauriedl
Length: 5:57 minutes
Production 2011

A young, ambitious businessman spends all his time in his company and struggles to get bigger construction contracts. Since he always has a race against time, it – the Time appears personally in front of him – a fancy, self-confident lady, who offers him to make his life easier.  

My Man – short radio play in English

Director & writer: Ana Bilić
Music composer and sound engineer: Danilo Wimmer
Actors: Ana Bilić, Danilo Wimmer
Length: 4:50 minutes
Production 2011

By means of an inner and actual dialogue of an allegedly determined woman and an allegedly unsecure man, all intimate fears of them two appear suddenly. Writing and directing: Ana Bilić Voices: Ana Bilić, Danilo Wimmer Music and sound design: Danilo Wimmer Production: 2011 BAD ENGLISH COMPANY