My Name is Monika – Novel

Ana Bilic: Mein Name ist Monika - Roman, April 2020

Original title in German: Mein Name ist Monika – Roman

Edition Ovidia, 2020

Pages: 138

In a funny, amusing and satirical way Monika tells about herself: she is intelligent, talkative, passionate, perceptive and quick-witted. But all of these qualities are basically not what she needs to help her in her job as executive secretary in a small company run by a self-overrated boss. That Monika also has bad luck in love relationships is somehow to be expected – even with her newest heart flame, a Chinese, the relationship is anything but average.

The special thing about this book, written with great humour and biting unaffectedness, is that it is written in the form of a diary. The protagonist Monika D. comments everything in direct speech as if the reader were sitting next to her. The captivating honesty and innovative writing approach adds a special appeal and promises the reader an enjoyable reading experience.

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