Integration Competition – a Play

Original title: Integrationswettbewerb

How is integration experienced by people, for whom it is intended? Seriously. For example an Austrian with Balkan origin, an Austrian with Turkish origin, an Austrian with Polish background, an Austrian as “Zug’raster”, an Austrian with Philippine background, an Austrian from the gay and lesbian scene, a Roma or a Kurd?  What do they have to say? – The argued notion of “integration” is thus getting a new meaning – a vivid and authentic meaning.

8 roles, plus one competition manager, plus one jury

All Rights Reserved © Ana Bilic
All Rights Reserved © Ana Bilic
Premiere at the Volkstheater am Hundsturm, Vienna, June 07. 2009
Writer: Ana Bilić
Director: Joseph Hartmann
Actors: C. C. Weinberger, Adem Karaduman, Wojciech Czarniak, Bojana Djogović, Danilo Wimmer, Roman Jánoska, Djamila Grandits, Edo Marinkov, Cigdem Gülten Arslan, Valerie Hruska


Kurier – 27. Mai 2009