Infidelity – a Play in 18 Situations

Original title in German: Seitensprung – ein Schauspiel in 18 Situationen

The play deals in 18 situations with facets of a love relationship and marriage through a transparent interface: infidelity – How do you behave when the relationship is over? What is the best way to communicate the end of the relationship to your partner? Should you stay together after a fling because you have „invested“ so much in the relationship and do not want to leave the childlike security? Do you need power games to distract the other side from your own fling? Is every relationship unique or unconsciously clichéd? – Humorous, philosophical theatre.


Premiere: 15. November 2019 at the Pygmalion Theatre, Vienna
Playwright & director: Ana Bilić
Music composer & organisation: Danilo Wimmer
Actors: Sophie Bauer, Stefanie Fondi, Lev Frants, Julia Jellen, Benjamin Turecek, Arnold Wilfing

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