In the Prater – a dramatic episode

Original title in German: Im Prater

„My dog is a pedigree dog with a bloodline! He is only allowed to copulate with other pedigree dogs!”

Vienna, Prater

Mrs. Zuckermeier, a Viennese, and Haris, a Bosnian, are having a fierce fighting. Why? The dog mounts Mrs. Zuckermeier’s pedigree dog. Class conflict, two different worlds collide. But the longer the fight lasts, the more fragile become the facades of the two dog owners.

Writer: Ana Bilić
Director: Hans Escher
Actors: Gundula Rapsch, Alexander Braunshör
Production: Wiener Wortstaetten, within the festival “Roter Oktober 09”
Premiere on October 1st 2009 at the Palais Kabelwerk, Vienna with


Der Standard 2. October 2009
Kurier 03. October 2009
Profil Nr. 41 October 2009
Augustin 28. September 2009
Wiener Zeitung 02. October 2009 09. November 2009 – Croatian