Foreign or Not Foreign – Theaterplays

Original Title in German: Fremd nicht fremd – Theaterstücke

Edition Ovidia / Vienna, 2022

113 pages

The book contains five humorous, cheerful and inspiring theater texts on the subject of being a foreigner. The actors are people with a migration background and their encounter with people with a non-migration background: the confrontation in the mutual relationship, their preoccupation with success, with cultural views, with social status, with family issues. Through the meeting, the characters are also confronted with themselves – with their fears and their weaknesses, but also with their generosity and their open-mindedness. 
Integration Competition (a comedy), In the Prater (a dramatic episode), On the Search (a play), Good luck, foreigners! (a monologue), Šemso (a monologue for two).

Reading Sample in German Foreign Rights by the Author