Flea Market at the Fluchtgasse 3 – play

Original title in German: Flohmarkt in der Fluchtgasse 3

„Flea Market at the Fluchtgasse 3“ is a play about Jan, Victor and Maria – two brothers and a woman. A classic love triangle re-told in a modern way, with language as an element that separates everyone. It is an insight into a microcosm with blurred lines between reason and unreason that lets the audience puzzle until the very end over who is crazy and what is normal.

Premiere at the Interkulttheater Vienna on May 20th 2010

Playwright: Ana Bilić
Director: Halina Graser
Actors: Monika Swarczynska, Agnieszka Osuch, Urszula Misiaszek, Danilo Wimmer, Wojciech Czarniak

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