The Book of Takas (Knjiga o Takama) edition, 1999
2.nd edition, 2019
Fairytales for adults – in Croatian language
Konzor, Zagreb 1999
From the review of the daily newspaper Vjesnik 12.1.2000

A Tale of Takas – Gods of the Root Voles and Humans

“We narrate in order that listeners hear a story about their own lives…we tell the stories that a Taka has already experienced in his life…” said the narrator to Taka Lona And thus, through the stories, a phantastic world has been created, where, besides Takas, also other curious creatures live. Takas are born through the navel, they live in pairs in caves and holes in the ground, their main goddess is Wota and what they fear most is the Fuja of Death. When time for death comes, they go into the Death Water. After Wota has created the world, she did not withdraw on a lonely mountain, but continued to interfere in the course of actions, changed fates and the system of the world – either out of vanity or maliciousness or pride or necessity or maybe out of another reason. These beings seem to personify human traits or important personal events (birth, death, love, hate, development of consciousness)…”

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