About Clarity and Other Errors – Poems

Original title in German: Von Klarheit und anderen Irrtümern – Lyrikband

Croatian edition
German edition

Edition Ovidia, German edition, Vienna, 2016

Edition gaar, Croatian edition, Vienna, 2021

The poems in the lyric volume „About Clarity And Other Errors“ question everything that seems natural and logic to us: thoughts that have grown into habits, the functioning of everyday life subjects, natural phenomena, the „Me“, language as identity and love as something all-embracing. Because, in fact, everything tends to happen differently than one thinks and that mechanism effect life as a chain reaction. One is just not aware of that fact and has no idea what root and what cause is in life.

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The Certain Something

Taking a line under the magnifying glass is very exciting, / because a line contains billions of points. / Between the points there is an empty space, / which is filled with billions of points, / and between these points there is again an empty space, / which is filled with billions of points, / and between these points there is also an empty space, / which is also filled with billions of points, / and so on and so on endlessly. / In this way we can look at life experiences: / Between experiences in our life there is always an empty space, / which is filled with other events. / Our attitude, / that we consider something important in life and something unimportant, / is a totally missed setting: / The allegedly decisive experiences are only occasional phenomena / and exist only to complete the lifeline, / and not to fascinate anyone. / Since life is not a line, but an infinite number of experiences, / we should always focus on the empty space between the experience. / It helps us to understand that life in its nature / is an endless emptiness, / which can never be filled in.